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About Us


Mountain High Mini Cows ranch is located in the southwest corner of Wyoming.


We are a small ranch that raises Mid-size/miniature Belted Galloway and Scottish Highland cattle. My family and I started our new venture in early 2016, and have grown to love these little cows. After getting our ranch, it took us a while before selecting our cattle. We wanted something that was out of the ordinary, something that would stand out from the other cattle around us. We have traveled around the US to hand pick our cattle and made sure we were getting good quality cattle. We are very proud of the miniature Belted Galloway and Highland cattle herd we have built.  Our herd consists of 10 females, 5 belted Galloways, 6 Scottish Highland and our 2 herd sires. Our cattle are registered with the American Highland Cattle Association and Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (U.S Belted Galloway). If you are interested in one of our babies we have added a sign up tab and started a waiting list at the bottom of this page. We look forward to sharing our breeds with you.


Why Mid-Size/Miniature Cattle

If you own a small ranch like we do these types of breeds are a good fit. While each animal may be smaller, more meat can be produced overall from each acre, breeders say. They are primarily sold for use as pets, breeding, showing, and beef. The Highland and Galloway breeds have a lot in common. They both are perfectly suitable to the wet, cold winters of Wyoming. They can thrive on very little feed or on grazing that other cows would generally pass over, meaning that they can adapt to whatever level of foraging is available to them. Here are a few more reasons to have these breeds.

  • High Fertility Rates
  • Easy Calving
  • Disease Resistant
  • Excellent Mothering Abilty
  • Easy Handling 

Waiting List

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